Perthwaste opens North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility

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  • North Bannister Waste Facility
    Disposal: Our secure landfill provides the best outcome for waste that cannot be recycled.
  • Landfill compactor
    Waste is compressed by a landfill compactor to reduce the amount of space taken up in the cell.
  • Composting windrow forming
    Forming compost windrows.
  • Landfill tipping face North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility
    Tipping waste at the North Bannister landfill
  • Compost facility with steam
    Perthwaste Composting Facility.
  • Truck Entering North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility
    North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility: 6364 Albany Highway, North Bannister

Following more than four years of planning, consultation and comprehensive research, Perthwaste Green Recycling has officially opened its North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility.

The facility, located 100km south-east of Perth, includes a Class III putrescible landfill and composting facility; growing Perthwaste’s network of waste and recycling facilities.

Perthwaste Managing Director, Mr Kim Gorey said “The opening of the Facility means that we now offer a full service solution for collection, recycling, resource recovery and disposal.

“The new landfill and composting operations are intricately linked to our Materials Recovery Facilities and Transfer Stations” he said.

Mr Gorey explained that “general waste is received and processed at the Perthwaste C&I Materials Recovery Plant in Bibra Lake to recover aluminium, cardboard, plastics, steel and timber. Only then is the unrecyclable material sent to landfill via the Perthwaste Waste Transfer Station in Bibra Lake.”

“Similarly, organic waste is manually cleaned and consolidated at the Perthwaste Organics Transfer Station in Bibra Lake on route to the composting facility at North Bannister” said Mr Gorey.

With an expected 80-year life, and capacity to landfill around 32 million tonnes, the site provides a long term waste disposal option for the Perth metropolitan area.

Perthwaste General Manager, Mr Brad Gornall said “Landfill still plays an important and necessary role in managing waste in Western Australia. Our secure, sophisticated and well-engineered landfill provides the best environmental outcome for waste that cannot be cost-effectively recycled.


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BSI/ISO Certification

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