Compost production underway at Perthwaste

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  • Composting windrow forming
    Forming compost windrows.
  • Compost - greenwaste unloading
    Greenwaste is transported in bulk to the North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility for composting.
  • Compost - fax box
    An electrically powered fan box pumps air into the compost stockpiles, allowing oxygen levels to be controlled every minute of the day.
  • Compost facility with steam
    Perthwaste Composting Facility.
  • Compost - Screening
    Compost is screened and blended to produce a variety of products.
  • Compost product supply

Perthwaste Green Recycling has commenced production at its new composting facility, located 100km south-east of Perth at the North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility.

Each year, the facility, will convert around 23,000 tonnes of garden, food and agricultural waste into high quality compost.

Perthwaste General Manager, Mr Brad Gornall said “The addition of composting to our portfolio of services strengthens our position as a full service waste management solution for WA Councils and businesses.”

“We can now seamlessly manage organic waste with our services covering collection, receival, processing and retail of finished products”, he said.

Mr Gornall added that the facility supports the diversion of organic material from landfill and reinforces Perthwaste Green Recycling’s commitment to sustainability and resource recovery.

The Facility uses the MAF (Mobile Aerated Floor) composting system. Raw organic material is placed over a series of perforated pipes which an electrically powered fan-box pumps air through. This allows oxygen levels to be controlled every minute of the day – something that cannot be achieved with traditional compost turners.

Once processed, Perthwaste’s quality composted products will be used in landscaping and agriculture to reduce water loss and add valuable carbon and nutrients to soils. In many cases, the compost will be used back in the Council areas the garden waste was originally collected.

All composted products that leave the site will be subject to rigid testing in accordance with Australian Standard AS4454 (composts, soil conditioners and mulches). The first batch of compost is due for completion of testing and analysis towards the end of July, following a little more than three months processing.

Read more about our composting operations.


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  • VIDEO: Construction time-lapse of North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility VIDEO: Construction time-lapse of North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility

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BSI/ISO Certification

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