Kerbside Bin Collections

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  • Kerbside Collection Truck - 20150527_118
    Our modern fleet of vehicles deliver reliable and safe bin collections.
  • Kerbside Collection Truck
    Our well trained drivers are courteous and attentive.
  • Stirling kerbside collection trucks
    Co-branded recycling trucks for the City of Stirling
  • Recycling truck arrives at Molloy Island by barge
    The Perthwaste Green Recycling collection truck travels to Molloy Island by barge to collect recycling
  • Kerbside Services - 20150527_054
    We support a 3 bin system to achieve maximum recovery.
  • WALGA Preferred Supplier
    Perthwaste Green Recycling is a WALGA Preferred Supplier for 1. Waste collection goods and services and 2. Organic composting services

Perthwaste Green Recycling provides kerbside bin collection services to Councils in Perth and south-west Western Australia. We currently service 23 local government authorities across Perth and the south-west of WA.

We draw on our extensive local government experience and work with Councils to roll-out a bin system that suits the individual community.

Bin systems

We can supply and deliver the following MGB 'wheelie bin' sizes:

  • 120L
  • 240L
  • 360L 
  • 660L 
  • 1100L

Collection services

We collect:

  • General waste
  • Mixed recycling
  • Green waste / organics

Our local government kerbside collection services cover:

  • Residential properties
  • Small commercial properties
  • Public places (e.g. beaches, parks, ovals and reserves)

Modern fleet

Our modern fleet of collection vehicles deliver reliable and safe kerbside bin collections. Our collection vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking and message system to assist the Customer Service Centre identify bin defects, track the current location of vehicles and know which areas have been serviced for the day.

Monthly reporting

We provide monthly reports detailing bin lifts, hours spent collecting bins, on-property services, waste streams collected, volumes collected, recycling rates and service costs.

After collection

We have established a network of waste and recycling facilities to support our kerbside bin collection services. This means we can manage the waste collected right through to its final destination. This includes:

Read about all our credentials and why you should chose Perthwaste Green Recycling to deliver your kerbside collection services.

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BSI/ISO Certification

BSI/ISO Certification

WALGA Preferred Supplier

WALGA Preferred Supplier