Composting Services

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  • Composting windrow forming
    Forming compost windrows.
  • Greenwaste pre-sort
    Organics are pre-sorted at the Bibra Lake Organics Transfer Station.
  • Compost - greenwaste unloading
    Greenwaste is transported in bulk to the North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility for composting.
  • Compost - Sprinklers
    Stockpiles are watered, using recycled water from previous composting cycles.
  • Compost - Temp Gauge
    Controlled oxygen and moisture levels heat the compost to kill weed seeds and pathogens.
  • Compost - Monitoring Equipment
    Monitoring of moisture, air and temperature will confirm when the compost has reached maturity.
  • Compost - Screening
    Compost is screened and blended to produce a variety of products.
  • Compost product
    Our quality composted products reduce water loss and add valuable carbon.

Perthwaste Green Recycling offers a comprehensive organics recycling service to WA Councils and businesses. We seamlessly manage organic green waste with our services covering collection, receival, processing, and retail of finished compost.

Bulk and kerbside organics are received and pre-sorted at our Bibra Lake Organics Transfer Station. Organics are then transferred to our North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility to undergo a 12 week composting process.

Once processed, our quality composts, soil conditioners and mulches are used in landscaping and agriculture to reduce water loss and add valuable carbon and nutrients to soils. We can supply and deliver our composted products back to local government – creating a closed loop recycling system. 

Our services extend to assistance in product application and advice on application rates.

Green waste accepted & composted

  • Cut flowers
  • Lawn clippings
  • Leaves
  • Small twigs and branches
  • Tree prunings
  • Weeds

Organics accepted & composted

  • Green waste (as above)
  • Food waste


Kerbside and bulk organics / green waste are received along with commercial organic waste at our Bibra Lake Organics Transfer Station. Material is pre-sorted before being transferred in bulk to our North Bannister Resource Recovery Facility for composting.

Transfer Stations


The Perthwaste Composting Facility in North Bannister uses the MAF “Mobile Aerated Floor” composting system to produce quality compost, mulches and soil conditioners.

Composting Facilities

Compost supply

Composted material is sold into urban landscaping and agricultural markets. We can close the loop and deliver our quality compost back to local government

Compost supply

Monthly reporting

We provide monthly reports detailing organics processed, diversion rates and service costs.

Supporting services

Perthwaste Green Recycling also provides the following services to WA local governments:

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BSI/ISO Certification

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WALGA Preferred Supplier