Perthwaste Green Recycling has flexible and fit-for-purpose waste and recycling solutions to meet the individual needs of any small business across the Perth metropolitan area and throughout the south-west of WA.

We have a range of mobile bins, skip bins and compaction units.

We can provide a total waste management solution for your business including bin hire, collection, recycling, composting, resource recovery and waste disposal. Our network of integrated waste management facilities allows us to control every step from collection to disposal - this minimises costs for our clients and provides them with a secure and long-term waste management solution. 

Acorss our five sites we have established:

Advice & planning

We can assist you find the most cost-effective and sustainable solution that works for your business through visual audits and site visits.

Contact our sales team on (08) 9418 5577 or complete the form on this page and we will contact you.

Bin hire

We provide a range of bin hire options and sizes:

  • Rear lift bins: Our rear lift wheelie bins are mobile and easily manoeuvrable. They suit businesses generating small amounts of waste, recycling or organics and where space is limited. Our rear lift bins can also be the ideal secondary partner for one of our larger bins.
  • Front lift bins: Our front lift bins suit businesses generating medium amounts of waste, recycling or organics.
  • Skip bins: Our skip bins suit businesses generating bulky waste or recycling that have sufficient on-site storage space (a 2.9m metre wide x 6m high clearance is required).
  • Compactor bins: Our compaction bins suits businesses generating large volumes of paper and cardboard. Compaction bin units can be custom built to suit the needs of individual sites.


We provide collection services for:


  • General junk
  • Bulk waste
  • Mixed waste


  • Cardboard & paper
  • Mixed recycling
  • Metal
  • Timber


  • Garden waste
  • Green waste
  • Organic waste
  • Agricultural waste


  • Batteries
  • Confidential documents & products
  • Fluorescent globes
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Hazardous waste
  • Liquid waste
  • Medical & clinical waste
  • Waste oil


Our Materials Recovery Facility in Perth sorts recycling for remanufacturing in new new products.

Our C&I Materials Recovery Facility in Perth sorts general waste to recover packaging and recyclables production wastes for recycling into new products.

Materials Recovery Facilities


Our Compost Facility in North Bannister (100km south-east of Perth) processes green waste and organics into quality composts, mulches and soil conditioners.

Composting Facilities

Waste disposal

Waste that cannot be recovered through one of our recycling or composting facilities is disposed in our landfill in North Bannister (100km south-east of Perth). Our landfill is secure, sophisticated and well-engineered to provide the best environmental outcome for waste that cannot be cost-effectively recycled.


Tracking & reporting

Our on-board tracking systems allow us to generate reports on collection times, locations, volumes, and waste streams collected.


Our resource centre provides a range of brochures, templates and videos to assist your business communicate its waste and recycling services.

Resource Centre

Why Perthwaste Green Recycling?

Perthwaste Green Recycling is in a unique position in the WA market - we manage the entire process from collection to disposal. Our ability to manage waste, recycling and organics through our own facilities minimises costs for our clients and provides secure, long-term waste management solutions.

In addition, we are working towards a 70% resource recovery rate for our commercial customers by maximising the amount of recyclable materials recovered from the waste stream by utilising our recycling centres and resource recovery facilities.

Follow the waste stream - Commercial services

Read about all our credentials and why you should chose Perthwaste Green Recycling to deliver your waste management services.

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BSI/ISO Certification

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WALGA Preferred Supplier