Perthwaste Green Recycling provides reliable and cost-effective waste management services for small and large scale special events and venues in Perth such as sporting and cultural events, outdoor festivals and concerts.

We have the resources and capabilities supported by a local network of facilities to deliver reliable and affordable waste and recycling solutions to venue managers and event organisers.


Perthwaste Green Recycling delivers a full service waste management solution covering:

  • Pre-event support services
  • Bin hire and delivery
  • Collection
  • Waste disposal
  • Recyclables processing
  • Reporting & tracking

Pre-event support services

Support services are provided to venue managers and event organisers through the planning and pre-event stages to:

  • Determine equipment and operational requirements.
  • Establish a suitable collection schedule.

Bin hire & delivery

We have a wide range of bin types and sizes to suit your event's needs. All of our bins have colour-coded lids and are clearly labelled to encourage correct segregation.


We operate a large vehicle fleet in Perth to ensure bins are delivered and collected on time for your event.

Waste disposal

Our C&I Materials Recovery Facility recovers recyclable packaging from the general waste stream before we send waste to our disposal site - maximising your events recycling rates.

Recyclables processing

Recyclable containers and packaging collected separately at events are processed through one of our Materials Recovery Facilities in Perth.

Reporting & tracking

Our tracking systems allow us to generate reports on collection times, locations, volumes, and waste streams collected.

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BSI/ISO Certification

BSI/ISO Certification

WALGA Preferred Supplier

WALGA Preferred Supplier